Song Challenge 2010

Okay boys.  It's time to do this.  Do it for real.  Announcing Song Challenge 2010.  (Also some 2011).

Description:  I will produce one song per week, no matter what, for the next 20 weeks.  Each week, I'll post the song on this blog and on my listen page so that you can rock to it.  Then, at the end, I'll pick the best 10 songs (you can help), and I'll make them available for download.  Fun, right?


1)  Each song must be at least three minutes long.
2)  The original mix and final mix may vary.  I mean, come on.  It's for the best.
3)  Each week there will be a limitation placed on the writing/recording/producing of the song (e.g. the song can't have any synthesized sounds, or it has to be made entirely of samples, or recorded entirely with an get the idea).  You can give me cool ideas too.  I will announce the limitation at the beginning of each week.

That's it, boys.  I will officially start on Monday, September 27 2010, and my first song will be due the following Sunday.